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Happy Tails





Samwise was returned to the rescue by a family who no longer had time for him. He now lives with a wonderful couple in The Heights and has turned into a real cuddle bug!

Happy Tails Samwise!





 My name is Princeton! I am 10 months old and my mommies adopted me from Almost Home Pet Rescue when I was just 10 weeks old.

I was born in a dirty, dark garage along with my siblings in Pasadena, TX. It was scary being in the dark all the time without any light.

One day three lovely lady’s came in and I’m sure they were angels because lots of light came in with them. We found out that there names were Caroline, Patty and Kelly. They picked up me, my brothers and sisters and took us to Miss Caroline’s house where we got lots of food, water, toys, hugs and kisses! 

Almost home sponsored us all and we had some yucky medicine up our noses, in our mouths but I know now it was to protect me just as the vaccinations keep me safe even if I didn’t like it too much. The nice people at the rescue helped me so much if it wasn’t for them I don’t know what would have happened to us all.

I remember being at Miss Caroline’s house and I still go visit her and she comes and sees me! ( my mommies think she comes to visit them but really it’s all about me!) I love her lots my mommies even named me after her that’s why my middle name is Walker! My moms say it was a way to thank her for finding, saving and loving there little boy.

I’m a real big strong boy now even though I’m still a pup. I love to run around at the dog park chasing the ball around is the best! I enjoy long walks, long naps and all my yummy treats and cuddles.

I’d really like to thank all the lovely people at Almost Home Pet Rescue for saving my life and never giving up on me.

I love you all so much
Princeton x