Are you ready to adopt?

Adoption of a furry friend is a serious decision. A pet should be like a family member that deserves your  time, respect, and love.  Everyone in the family should be ready to welcome the pet into the home and the responsibility that comes with adopting a pet.  Pets are also an expense - pets require monthly preventative medication and  annual appointments for vaccinations/check ups. Of course, there is always the possibility of an additional cost if a pet gets sick or injured. Please consider all of these items before deciding to adopt.  A pet is responsibility for the life of the pet - ensure you are ready to provide a stable environment before adopting.

What type of pet should I adopt?

Just like people, every animal has a unique personality. Different breeds also have different personality traits - it is always recommended to do research on different breeds prior to making any decisions. Majority of the pets in the rescue are mixed breeds and their past is unknown. Foster families do their best to learn about the pet's personality but nothing can be guaranteed. 

Before adopting your pet, think about your lifestyle.

  •  Are you athletic, energetic, and like to be outdoors? Then you'll want a dog that likes to be outside and to go hiking. 
  • Are you happier hanging on the couch watching tv? Then you'll want a dog that enjoys being a lap dog and hanging out with you.
  • Are you home a lot of the day? Puppies require a lot of time to train and need to be let out often.
  • Do you have young kids? Puppies are learning their strength and learning how to play so they may nip when young - it's usually not recommended for really young children to be around an untrained puppy until later in life. 

I think I'm ready. What should I do next?

There are a couple of different ways to get started. Take a look at the available pets on the page for Almost Home Pet Rescue (go to Available Pets in the header). If you decide you see a potential new family member - contact us with questions through the link on the pet's page , the contact us link on this website, or Facebook message. A rescue coordinator will be able to answer your questions and direct you to fill out an adoption application when ready. A rescue coordinator will also be able to tell you which dogs will be at the next event or set up a separate meet and greet with a foster if your application is approved online. 

Another option is to come visit us and our furry friends at one of our adoption events in the Katy, TX area. View our calendar on this website or on the facebook page for upcoming events. You can fill out an adoption application in  advance or fill one out in person if you decide the right pet for you is at the event. 

Adoption Application

You can fill out and submit an application for adoption by going to the Apply Now page on the website. Once you submit, the application will be sent to the rescue for review.

Another option is to download the adoption application (also found on the Apply Now page) so you fill it out or print it and email it back to the email address on the form.  Make sure to fill it out in full. 

$150 adoption fee includes core vaccinations, rabies vaccination, heart worm test (in dogs over 6 months of age), microchip and registration, spay/neuter, wormer and flea and heart worm prevention while the dog is in our care.

There is an additional contract that is signed post adoption that a volunteer will walk you through. 

I've adopted! Any tips and tricks to help me and my furry friend start off on the right foot?

Inside your adoption packet from us is a document that talks about what to do now that you've adopted. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Also, we love to hear about our alumni! Please check out the Happy Tails section to submit you and your pet's story.

Reminders about our available pets

All of our available pets are up to date on their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. If you adopt a younger pet that needs additional vaccinations (an example would be their rabies vaccination because they were too young at the time of adoption to have previously received it), remember to follow the instructions from the volunteer at the event for next steps and be on the look out for emails coordinating an additional visit.